Kiwire™ 2.0

Device Configuration : Mikrotik

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Video tutorial

  1. Congratulations, your Mikrotik NAS has been configured, you can now proceed to add the Mikrotik into Kiwire™ NAS, first you are required to find your device MAC address, to do this click on interfaces menu and double click on your hotspot network interface to view its MAC address. Copy the MAC address.
  2. Click System > Identity in winbox and paste the MAC address. Select OK and Apply.
  3. Now Login to Kiwire™ platform, click Device>NAS. Click Add NAS. to add the Mikrotik to Kiwire™

  4. Fill in the the setup with the following information :Device Type : Mikrotik
    NAS ID : MAC address of your Mikrotik Hotspot network interface
    IP Address : IP address of your Mikrotik WAN port
    Shared Secret Key : authentication key between your Mikrotik RADIUS and Kiwire™
    COA Port : 3799
    NAS Username : Mikrotik username (optional)
    NAS Password : Mikrotik password (optional)
    Address : location of your Mikrotik (optional)
    Description : remarks for the devices

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