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Survey is a form that let your gather feedback from your users. Our smart survey engine let you create, view and manage survey in your network.

Fields Functions 
Name Name of the survey.
Description The description for the survey.
Status The status of the survey whether published or unpublished.
Action To edit survey, rename survey and delete survey.

Create New Survey

To  create a survey your need to create a survey then add the questionnaire into the survey. To create survey click on “Create Survey” button. Fill in the survey title and description. This will be displayed at the survey form. Once completed, click on edit survey to add the question you wish to ask users.

Field Function
Survey Title  The title of the survey.
Description The description for the survey.
Status Enable or disable the status of the survey.

Add Question to Survey

To add question to a survey, click on “Add a question” link, you be prompt on type of question type and expected result such as text, multiple choice or true or false questions.

Field Function
Order The order of question.
Is required  Is the question required to be filed.
Question Type the question into the message box.
Question type 
  • True or false
    A true or false question.
  • Heading
    Heading text.
  • Short/long text
    A short or long text answer.
  • Multiple question – single answer
    user need to select a answer from multiple choice.
  • Multiple question – Multiple answer
    User need to select multiple answer from multiple choices.
  • Numeric – discrete
    user need to reply a discrete numeric answer.
  • Numeric – continuous
    user need to reply a numeric continuous.
  • Email
    user reply email.
  • Date 
    user fill in a date.
  • Drop down
    user select answer from drop down selection.
Add attachment Choose file to attach togather with the question.
Clear Clear all the fill in boxes.

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