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Campaign Management

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Campaign Management

Campaign is call to action function of our network or Wi-Fi marketing platform. At the heart of Campaign module is Campaign Management, which is the module that lets you control and manage all the campaign for your network. Create campaigns such as a welcome coupon offer for first time users logging into the network. Send SMS to users who have not connected to the network for 40 days to reach them. The campaign module lets you manage the ordering of campaigns being run when user actions are triggered, it also supports random ordering if you did not put any ordering ID associated with the campaign.

The Campaign module comes with approval process flow that requires an authorized administrator or operator to approve the campaign before the campaign is enabled.

The listed fields and its meaning are:

Field Meaning & Function
Campaign Name The campaign name given.
Status The status of the campaign whether enable or disable.
Duration The campaign duration dates.
Sort Order The ordering of the campaign.
Zone The Zone the campaign will run on.
Who The demographic users the campaign will apply to.
Trigger The trigger for the campaign.
Action Action type for the campaign.
Target the target action for the campaign.
Remark Remark if any for the campaign.
  • Modules action.
  •  To edit the campaign entry.
  •  To delete the campaign.
  •  to approve the campaign.

Create Campaign

To create a campaign click on “Create Campaign” button.

*Note: Newly created campaign may require approval to enable the campaign to go live , refer to campaign approval for more detail.
Field Function
Campaign Name The Name of campaign.
Start Date Start date of the campaign.
End Date End date of the campaign.
Campaign Sort order The ordering of campaign by priority from “1-10” whereby “1” is the first campaign displayed for users when the campaign loads. Assign “0” for all campaigns if you wish to load random campaign order each time a user campaign is triggered. Priority will be given to numbered sort order campaigns if there is a mix of random sort order assigned.
Remark Remark for the campaign.
Expire :
Expiry After Ads Click
The campaign will stop running upon reaching the number of clicks defined.
Expire :
Expiry After Ad Impression
The campaign will stop running upon reaching the number of impression defined.
Who : Target The intended audience of the campaign.
Who : Persona Choose persona that created under Account > Persona.
Who : Zone Which Zone (vlan/nas) the campaign will run on.
Who: Target The intended audience of the campaign , use the rule editor to select the trigger point

  • Gender : the Gender for the intended campaign. Allowed value ( male , female )
  • Age : the Age of the intended campaign during the campaign is run allowed value ( 1 ~ 99 )
  • Birthday : the birthday of the intended campaign , allowed value ( date-month-year )
When : Interval
  • Always
    Run at all time.
  • Specific time zone
    run only during in between that hours.
When : Trigger
  • Connect
    The campaign will run on user 1st time connected to the network. before the login.
  • Login
    The campaign will be run on user login into the network.
  • 1st Connect
    The campaign will be run on user 1st time login to network.
  • Disconnect
    The campaign will be run on user disconnected from the network.
  • Dwell
    The campaign will run on user dwell time more than campaign define minutes (min 30 mins).
  • Recurring
    When user login the define recurring no of user will run this campaign.
  • Milestone
    The campaign will run when user login the define milestone no.
  • Last visit
    The campaign will apply on all user who last visit is more than defined days.
Take Action : Display ADS The campaign will display ads to user , from the ads library.
Display ADS will only work on Trigger (Connect, Login,1st Login, Recurring and Milestone).
Take Action : Send Notification Send SMS, Email or trigger API when the campaign is executed. type the message into the Notify Message.
Take Action : Redirect to URL The campaign will redirect user to a url.
This will only work on Trigger (Connect, Login,1st Login, Recurring and Milestone).

Campaign Approval

If the cloud ID or system has more than one administrator, all newly created campaign will require approval before the campaign is set to enabled. Administrator can add sub administrator or operator with verify/approval status from the role management.

Note: In multi-tenant / cloud edition of Kiwire™, superadmin can approve other cloud tenant campaign, but superuser cannot create and approved its own campaign. The design is that the superuser is an approval person not campaign creator.


To approve a campaign.

  1. Operator added or edited a campaign.
  2. campaign added with at the ads listing an approval icon will appear.
  3. Administrator with approval right will need to click on the approval icon to approve the campaign. To add administrator with approval create administrator with “verify” in the roles via Configuration -> Role.
  4. Upon approval, the status will changed to Enabled.

To change status of campaign to disable.
To set a status of a running campaign to disable click on the “unverify” button to disable the running campaign.

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