Kiwire™ 2.0

Ads Management

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Ads management module is where you manage and upload advertisement content into the Ads library.

The listed fields and its meaning are:

Field Meaning & Function
Ads Name The Ads name given.
Message Message to be display when ads is being display.
Ads File The ads filename uploaded , for YouTube it will be the url of the YouTube video.
Media Type The media type.
Added Date The date of the ads is added.
Status Status of ads.
Action Modules action.

 To edit the ads entry.

 To delete the ads.

 To approve the ads.


Add/Edit Ads

To add a new ads, click on the “Create Ads” button.

Field Function
Ads Name The Name of Ads.
Message  The message for the ads.
Remark The remark for the ads.
Media Type The media type:

  • Image 
    Image ads type , media type supported ( jpg, png & gif )
  • Video
    Video ads type , media type supported ( mp4 & ogg )
  • YouTube video link
    YouTube video link , put the YouTube watch url into the link.
  • Message
    Message ads , display a text message.
Link Url for the Link. For YouTube, paste the url of the your tube ads.

*Note : please put in the watch url link eg “” but not the embeded link.

Captcha Captcha that user have to key in.
Ads File The ads file to upload to.
Current Image Shows the current image.
View Port Mode Set the scale of the ads, Eg. Fill, Fit, Stretch, Center.

Ads Approval Step

Same as campaign management, all ads created or edited will require approval if there is more than one administrator within the platform. To approve an ads,

*NOTE : In multi-tenant/cloud edition of Kiwire™, superuser can approve other cloud tenant ads , but superuser cannot create and approved its own ads. The design is that the superuser is an approval person not ads creator.

  1. Operator added or edited a new ads media.
  2. Ads media added with status Disabled, at the ads listing an approval icon will appear.

  1. Administrator with approval right will need to click on the approval icon to approve the ads and the ads status will be changed to “enabled”. To add administrator with approval create administrator with “verify” in the roles via Configuration -> Role.

View Port Mode

Value Description
Fill Scale the cover image to be as large as possible so that the SLIDE area is completely covered by the cover image. Some parts of the cover image may not be in view within the SLIDE positioning area.
Fit Scale the cover image to the largest size such that only its width or its height can fit inside the SLIDE content area.
Stretch Scale the cover image to the largest size such that both its width and its height can fit inside the SLIDE content area.
Center Allows the cover image to be at its original size and in center.

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