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Kiwire™ 2.0 Chapter 10 : Campaign

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The Campaign modules let you manage all Kiwire™ precision marketing and campaign within your network. Campaign Engine is a unique network marketing application that help you to gain many new user, engage your users and monetize your network.

Wi-Fi can be a powerful advertising tool, as it is able to target:

  • the right people, because people who are visiting your venue are already demonstrating a strong interest in your products and services.
  • at the right time, because it targets users while they’re visiting your venue.
  • with the right message, as you’re showing your advertisements while providing a value-added service like an internet connection, that users appreciate a lot.

While most advertising platforms work with a pay-per-impression, pay-per-click model, or a pay-per-action model, impressions on Kiwire™ Campaign tool are totally free. This allows you to build a network composed by multiple of access points, providing Wi-Fi and showing targeted advertisements, with no additional costs for impressions, clicks or actions.



Placing advertisements before the captive portal appears Thanks to the Kiwire™ campaign tool, you can force users to see an image or video advertisements for a few seconds before showing them the captive portal and authenticating them. You will be able to select the specific amount of time that users spend on your advertisements before being able to connect. This allows you to be sure that all users trying to connect to the network will see your advertisements.

You can upload your advertisements directly on the ads management, or use the images and videos hosted on an external domain (for example, Remember that the domain hosting your images or videos has to be included in the walled garden (see Walled Garden) and will be accessible to users without authenticating. Advertisements can be:

  • One or multiple images, with time-based, random or no rotation.
  • Videos from Youtube or Vimeo (unfortunately, it’s not possible to autoplay videos!)

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