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The profile modules let you manage users account profile. Profile are policy applied to users account based mainly on time, speed and usage.

  • Time: You can limit the amount of access time for the users.
  • Speed: You can limit the upload or download speed of the users access. Users then have the option of upgrading to a faster access service for a charge.
  • Usage: You can set a threshold on data usage.

The listed fields and its meaning are:

Field Meaning & Function
Name The name for the profile
Price Price assign to the profile
Integration Which integration function is assign to the profile
Type Type of profile
Minutes Minutes allotted for the profile
Bandwidth control The bandwidth speed limit restriction
Action Edit or delete the profile

Add / Edit Profile

To create a profile, click on the “Create profile” button. To edit from the profile listing, click on the edit icon. The profile management screen will be shown.

Field Function
Profile Name The name of the profile.
Profile Type 4 types of profile such as Countdown, Expiration, Free and Pay As You Use.

  • Countdown : A countdown plan type, which user minutes are deducted only when they are online.
  • Expiration : A countdown plan type but countdown started the moment the user first login to network until the minutes is finished regardless if the user is connected or not.
  • Free : A Free plan that does not have minutes/credit restriction.
  • Pay As You Use : A plan that let you charge on usage basis on how much the user consume the internet usage on minute basis. The Price will be use for per minute charges.
Minutes The allocated time to access in minutes.
*Note : 1 day will be 1440 Minutes
Xfer Quota Enable or disable volume usage transfer limit.
Xfer Quota in GB The limit of volume usage transfer in GB.
Price The price of the profile, except for type “Pay as you use” which
the price will be per minutes basis.
Integration Which Integration to charge to or link with.
Idle Timeout How long the idle time of user have to be detected before disconnected by system.
Simultaneous Use How many user can be connected using the same user account associated with this plan.
Max Download Bandwidth In Kbps how much maximum download speed is allowed for user.
*Note : 1mb = 1024
Max Upload Bandwidth In Kbps how much maximum upload speed is allowed for user.
*Note : 1mb = 1024
Min Download Bandwidth In Kbps how much minimum download speed is allowed for user.
*Note : 1mb = 1024
Min Upload Bandwidth In Kbps how much minimum upload speed is allowed for user.
*Note : 1mb = 1024

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