Kiwire™ 2.0


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Persona module is created to manage personas for the users. To access the persona module click on Account > Persona. The persona screen will load the listing of existing persona.

  • Name : The name of the persona
  • Created Date : The created date of the persona
  • Action : To edit or delete the person

To create a new persona, click on “Create Persona” button.  To edit from the persona listing, click on the edit icon. The persona management screen will be shown. There are two group for Persona. as below:

Sign Up Page

Sign Up Page group is persona for user who registered using the sign up page. The field for rules can be set under Login Engine > Sign Up Page > Datafield.


Social Login

Social Login group is persona for users who logged in using social media platforms such as WeChat, Instagram, Twitter and etc.

  • Persona Name : The name of the persona.
  • Group : Which group of users to set persona.
  • Rules : Select the rule for the persona.

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