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The import user module let you to import users in bulk from a csv file. To access the import user module click on Accounts > Import User from the navigation. There are three steps to perform in order to import users in bulk from a csv file. The steps are described below.

Step 1: Upload file

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Purpose
Upload .CSV file Browse and select the completed .csv file for import process.
Link with Profile  The profile which will be associated with all user imported.
Authentication Integration Module The authentication module to be used.
Apply Zone restriction Apply zone restriction to the users account to be imported.
Expiry The expiry date of account to be imported.


* NOTE : Download the sample CSV file to use it as your template and fill it up with relevant information and use the step by step wizard to complete the import.


Below is the sample csv file template. Once complete with records of the users, save the csv file and upload on Upload file tap.

* NOTE : Only CSV file can be uploaded. Other file types cannot be upload.

Step 2: Confirm data

The records from csv file that uploaded will be shown as picture below. Check if the data is correct and status is valid then click “Next” button to proceed.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Fields Functions
Username The username of the user.
Password The password of the user.
Fullname The full name of the user.
E-Mail The email address of the user.
Phone The contact number of the user.
Remark Any description or remark.
MAC Address The MAC address of the devices that user used to connect to network.
Action Shows “OK” for the new user and shows “Duplicate user from import” for the users that already imported or added.


* NOTE : An error message will appear if duplicate records found in the uploaded csv file. Click on back button and update the records in csv file the reupload the file again to import new users.


Step 3: Complete

The below picture will appear on Complete tap. It shows that the new users successfully imported. It also shows the total number of new users that imported.

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