Kiwire™ 2.0

Bulk User Modification

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The Bulk User Modification module let you change user in bulk  their profile, reset, export and delete users in bulk.

  • Username : The username of the user.
  • Profile : The profile that link to the user.
  • Selected : Checkbox that select the users to change plan, reset account, export or delete users in bulk.

How to use bulk modification

  1. Use the search field to search the username’s index or by profile , eg for username type “TS” will list all username start with TS or contain TS.
  2. Use the checkbox under the “Selected?” to select all the user you wish to modify. 
  3. You may use the button to select the function you wish to use
    • Select All – Click this to select all users.
    • Change Profile  – Select profile from the “select new profile” and click on the button to change profile for the selected user
    • Reset account – Select this to reset the accounts of the selected users
    • Export – Select this to export the selected users to csv file in a password zipped format. at the end of export process the password will be displayed, use the password to extract the csv.
    • Delete User – Use this to delete  selected users .

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