Kiwire™ 2.0

Zone Restriction

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The Zone restriction module let you apply zone location login policy to specific user account or profile. This allow you to define where the users are allowed to login based. For example, you can restrict guest user to able to login for Wi-Fi in public area and visitor meeting room, but not able to login to any staff Wi-Fi zone or SSID.


  • Group Name : The new group name for the restriction.
  • Action : To edit or delete the restriction.

Add/Edit Zone Restriction

To add new zone restriction policy click on the “Create Restriction” button.

  • Group name : the new group name for the restriction.
  • Assign the zone the group have access to login from the “available zone”  box listing to the  “restrict to” zone box. Using the arrow key . you may use the search box to filter the zone you wish to search if you have a large number of zones defined.

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