Kiwire™ 2.0


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This module manages firewall rules, such as block a user mac address which in effect blocks the user from accessing the network, Block TCP or UDP for block certain website or port from being accessible to the user. The policy can let you set it globally for all NAS/equipment or to a specific NAS equipment.

*Note: The firewall module is only supported by few NAS brand as some does not support push API from Kiwire™, refer to the equipment compatible list.

Fields Functions
Zone Default zone assign to the firewall.
Host Hostname / Ip address or Mac address.
*Note : the Mac addr format is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Rule The rules that define the zone.
Remark Any description or remarks.
Action To edit or delete the policy.

To create a new policy, click on “Create Policy” button.

Field Function
Nas Select “ALL” for a global blocking where the firewall rule will be applied to all or to a specific NAS.
Host/Mac Hostname / IP address or Mac address.
*Note : the Mac address format is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Policy Block this IP Address : Block the IP from user to access the IP or to the network.
Block Mac Address : Block the mac address from connecting to the network.
Block TCP Port : Block the TCP Port no from network.
Block UDP Port : Block the UDP port no from network.
Remark Description of the rules.


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