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Build 9 Updates*

*This article has been updated to include Build 9 properties. Older versions might require an update if you cannot find certain functions written below.

This configuration module will configure the overall policy for Kiwire™ platform.

Policies: Configuration – Main

The main tab enables you to configure the platform overall policy or default.

  • Sync Mikrotik Hotspot Active users With Server Database
    This will automatically synchronize actual connected user by Mikrotik NAS hotspot system with the record in Kiwire™ radius, this is to prevent the issue of lost packet transmitted in event of unreliable connection between Kiwire™ and Mikrotik NAS.

    *Note: Function available for premier edition only.

  • Auto disconnect user connected session when same user re-login
    This will disconnect the current user connection when the same username is used. This is to resolve issue where user connection stalled without receiving disconnect packet by NAS and user want to login which prevent roaming ghost issue by some network.

*Note: This option will work for profile with one simultaneous device limit only.

  • Auto disconnect the longest idle device when same user re-login (Mikrotik only)
    This will disconnect the current user connection when the longest idle device when the same username is used. This is only for Mikrotik device only.
  • Suspend Users Account when credit has been exhausted
    This will suspend all user account whose credit has been fully utilized. The policy will be applied to active database and archive database as well.
  • Suspend users account when expired
    This will change users account to suspended status when their account have reach the set expiry date.
  • Remember user credential for the next login (user cookies must be enable)
    This is the “remember me” function for user, where the username use by user to login will be recorded to their device, the subsequent login, user’s username will be automatically loaded and displayed.
  • Use archive table to retrieve user credential
    If enabled user’s credential will be search in archive table as well.

Policies: Configuration – Mac Autologin

The Mac Autologin module let you control security policy based on Mac address of the devices. This include the functionality of auto register user’s device mac address to their account and  enable mac security only to allow the user’s account to able to login using the  same device registered.

What is MAC Autologin?

Guests want a seamless, automatic connection to the network. They want to avoid the hassle of searching for a network or logging on via cumbersome portal pages. What’s more, they expect the same level of Wi-Fi performance and security they get at home. 

The simplest way to automatically connect guests to the Wi-Fi network is by recognizing the media access control (MAC) address on the guest’s device. The MAC address is a unique 12-character identifier assigned to the network adapter located in the guest’s device. MAC authentication has been available for many years and simply requires a guest to opt-in once to have to have their device “remembered” by the network for future connections via the Mac Auto register function in Kiwire™ platform.

Mac Device Security Setting
Mac Autologin Enable Mac auto-login feature that allow user to login automatically to network
using their mac address that is associated with the user account
Mac Auto Register Enable Mac auto register will automatically register or update user account with user’s device mac address when login.

*note : if mac security is enabled, the mac auto register function will only work on 1st time the user login using the account subsequent login , user mac device will not be updated to the account

Mac Security This feature enables you to prevent user sharing their user account with other users, as it will only allow the registered mac address of the device to be able login using the account, with Mac auto register is enabled, it will automatically register the user mac address into the account if the account existing mac address record is empty.

Policies: Configuration – Autologin

The Autologin module let you set auto login for user to automatically reconnect to captive portal and login to network without entering their credential. This will help prevent captive portal fatigue and also enable auto login function to equipment that does not support mac autologin. The cookies auto login will store user login credential into the user browser the moment they login to network successfully, when they reconnect to the same network, Kiwire™ will check if the cookies exist or still valid , if valid it will auto login the users.

Autologin Setting
Cookies Autologin Enable auto-login feature that allow user to login
using browser cookies that is associated with the user account.

Policies: Configuration – Password

The password module enables you to customize password requirements during user login. Once all conditions have been met it will connect to captive portal and login to network.

Password Setting Description
Enable Password Policy Enable or disable password policy setting.
Minimum 8 characters Enable the password length must be minimum 8 character.
Contain at least 1 alphabet Enable password must contain at 1 alphabet.
Contain at least 1 numeral Enable password must contain at 1 number.
Must be changed at least every 90 days Enable the password to be changed at least every 90 days.
Contain at least 1 numeral Enable password must contain at 1 number.
Cannot reuse the last 3 passwords Enable password that cannot reuse the previous last 3 passwords.
Lock user after maximum of 6 failed attempts Enable that after 6 attempt failure, then lock the user.
Must be changed upon first login Enable password must be changed at first login.
Not be the same as the username Enable password must not be the same as the user ID/username.

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