Kiwire™ 2.0

QR Login

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The QR login integration enables users to login into the network when they scan and authorized the QR code display on their device screen when connected to network. Configure the QR login integration and use login journey to assign the QR login function to the desire Zone.

Field Meaning & Function
Enable Enable or disable the QR login function.
Link with Profile Which profile the user’s QR login will use when login successfully to network.
Validity The validity of the access.
Zone Restriction The login is only allowed on the selected zone.

After complete the setup, please login to assign the QR login function to journey with a zone within your network.

How it works

[Diagram Coming Soon]


  1. Connect to network.
  2. QR code will be displayed on the device screen.

Sponsor with apps or QR scanner

  1. Scan the QR code display on the user screen.
  2. Login using their Kiwire™ platform admin/operator account. If using Kiwire™ apps, sponsor does not require to login to approved the user, it will be automatic to approval step.
  3. Approved the request.


  1. User will connect to network automatically.

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