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Login Journey

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Login Journey is a powerful tool which allows you to set the user on boarding experience. You may create many user login journeys specific to each zone. For instance, set public Wi-Fi user to login via social login and sign up, and set staff network login via active directory or login flow as you required. 

Pre Login

The Pre Login tab let you manage the global  pre login behavior for user prior to the login journey. The behavior settings available are:

  • Proceed to login page – User will directly redirect to Login journey pages set.
  • Redirect to campaign engine then only login page – User will be redirect to Kiwire™ campaign engine which only after user can proceed to journey pages.
  • Redirect to specific url – User will be redirect to external url,
    *Note: if you use external url , the remote page must redirect user connect back to journey page if user is to be allowed to connect to network.

Post Login

The Post Login tab let you manage the user experience after they have successfully login to the network. The post login can be a welcome page or to specific task.

  1. Some mobile device will skip the post login pages upon detection they are connected to network.
  2. User continue to their default destination function may not be supported by some NAS devices.


Post Login Behaviour setting :

  • User will continue their default destination: Kiwire™ platform will detect the URL that user try to connect prior captive portal and let the user continue their session.
  • Redirect user to specific URL – User will be redirected to a specific URL.
  • Redirect user to control panel – User will be redirected to Kiwire™ users control panel platform where user can change their password as well as view their own usage logs.
  • Redirect user to campaign page – User will be redirected to Kiwire™ campaign engine.
  • Redirect user to status page – User will be redirected to their login status page which display their usage
  • Redirect user to coupon page – User will be redirected to coupon listing page.

Redirect URL : User will be redirect to specified URL.

Login Journey

With login journey  you can design the path your customers experience to get online. The Login Journey editor let you to create specific login journey for users based on the zone . A journey can consist of multiple pages group together with the user flow of the pages. The journey box will auto expand when new pages are required to drag and drop in.

Column Listing

Journey Name – Name of the journey.
Zone                      –  The zone associated with the journey.
Page list               – Page that is link with the journey.
Language            – Choose the language either English, Chinese or Malay.
Status                    – Status of the journey.
Action                  – Edit or delete the login journey.

To create new journey

1. Click on Create New Journey” button.
2. Fill in the journey name, language, zone link to the journey, click on the selection box you are able to select the zone available to the system, you may add multiple zone to 1 journey.
3. Drag and drop the pages from the available page box into the login journey flow box. The page from available pages are created from page maker module.
4. To save, click “Save”.

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