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Social Network Integration

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Build 9 Updates*

*This article has been updated to include Build 9 properties. Older versions might require an update if you cannot find certain functions written below.

The popularity of global communication has made social networks such as Facebook, WeChat and other similar social sites become a source of identity integration. The Kiwire™ social network integration module enables you to authenticate users with their social network account prior to login system. This is a popular option for public internet access as you are able to gather user profiles instead of sign up page. To access Social network integration go to Integrations > Social Network. Popular social network supported are:

  • Facebook
  • WeChat
  • VK
  • Line
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • KakaoTalk
  • Zalo
  • And more soon

How Social Network Module Works

  1. User will connect to network, captive login screen will be displayed with social login options.
  2. User select social network login and login.
  3. Kiwire™ will connect to respective Social Networks and perform authentication. Kiwire™ will perform data pull with users approval for demographic information.
  4. Kiwire™ will authorized user to login with a selected profiles & policy.

List of Data Collected from All Social Networks

Social Network Full Name Email Gender Age-Group Birthday Social ID Location
Google+ Google does not support CNA
WeChat Will be updated
VK Will be updated
Microsoft 265 Will be updated

Manage Social network integration

To access social network module, click on Integrations > Social Network. The social network configuration screen will display, fill in the relevant field with information.

Field Function
Enable Facebook Login Enable or disable Facebook login
Facebook Page Your organisation Facebook page  if you have any. Please type the page name only, eg if your Facebook page is, the page name will be “synchrowebtech”. If this is set, user will have option to like your page during authentication.
Enable Twitter  Enable or disable Twitter login
Twitter Page  Your twitter profile/page
Enable Instagram  Enable or disable Instagram login
Enable Google+  Enable or disable this Google+ social network

Note: When enabling google+
Captive Network Assistant (CNA) does not support login via google account. Instead an Error: disallowed_useragent will be returned.
One althernative method for this issue is to bypass iOS and android CNA. Once bypassed, CNA will not work (user will not get pop-up to login page). Hence users will need to login using browser (Safari, Chrome and other browser).
Enable VK  Enable or disable VK social login
Enable Line Enable or disable Line social network
Enable Zalo Enable or disable Zalo social network
Enable KakaoTalk Enable or disable Kakao Talk social network
Enable WeChat Enable or disable WeChat login
WeChat App ID Your WeChat page app id
WeChat App Secret key Your WeChat page secret key
Wechat App Shop Id Your WeChat page Shop Id
Link with Profile Link with a assigned profile, user will automatically be assign to this profile when they login.
Zone Restriction Default zone restriction assign to user that login , leave it to “none” if you do not wish to assign restriction to users.
Note: Social login requires a list of domain or IP address of the social network to be in white list / wall garden in order for the authentication to work.


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