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The SMS module lets you setup SMS gateway over the internet.  The SMS module will be used by all SMS sending operation on Kiwire™ such as SMS campaign and as well as SMS login function. Using SMS module,  you can provide option for user to use OTP as password, OTP to complete the SMS sign up as well as a new OTP code for every login .

Note : depending on your configuration of password security setting at Configurations -> Settings, if it is set to high, all OTP code generated is alphanumeric and if set to low all the OTP code will be numeric only.

How SMS module work:

  1. User performs signup, Kiwire™ will determine if the login snippet is sms to verify the account creation or SMS content send to user will be the user credential.
  2. Kiwire™ will create a SMS message with the message composition under SMS setting.
  3. SMS gateway will send the SMS to user’s mobile number.
  4. User will key in the SMS code to login.

Field Function
Enabled Enable or disable the SMS integration function.
Cloud SMS Operator  Select the Cloud SMS gateway platform from “Twillio” or “Synchroweb” or “Generic”
Mode Select operation mode

  • Send OTP to complete registration: User will use the code/password as verification to complete registration.
  • Send OTP every login: A SMS will be send for every login. User will be required to key in the code every time they login.
  • Send user password one registered: User will use the same code/password for subsequent login or use the SMS code as verification.
Template Template that created in Configurations > Template
Link with Profile Integrate with a define plan *see account*
Zone Restriction Default zone restriction assign to user that login; leave it to “none” if you do not wish to assign restriction to users.
Account Expiry (days) The expiry for new account sign up.


Twillio Cloud SMS gateway

Twillio is one of the world most popular cloud SMS provider. The Twillio Cloud SMS option let you configure Twillio as your cloud SMS gateway.

Field Function
Twilio Phone No   The phone number associated with your Twilio account
Twilio SID Your own Twilio SID
Twilio Token Your own Twilio Token

Synchroweb SMS gateway

The Synchroweb tab is for configuration of Synchroweb cloud SMS gateway.

Field Function
API Key   Enter the Synchroweb API key.


Generic SMS gateway provider.

Due to the complexity and availability of other numerous cloud or internet SMS gateway around the world, the generic sms tab let you adapt and use most of internet SMS gateway available  as your SMS gateway, a common SMS protocol around all sms gateway provider is the support of “post” and “get” sms sending API. by configuring the Generic tab to suit your SMS provider you are able to utilise our open interface. Please saved the Generic tab first in order to be able to select the generic provider from the drop down of SMS gateway provider.


In this example we assume our sms provider is call acme sms gateway, and the http get method to trigger sms sending is[accountno]&password=[password given]&mobileno=[phoneno]&msg=[sms text]
where the account no given is “myaccount”, password is “pass123” . the setup for the acme gateway will be as follow, Kiwire™ will append the replace the message and mobile no as per tag and generate the full URL and send the actual SMS.

Field Function
Provider Name  The name given for the SMS provider, it will be displayed drop down selection of SMS cloud gateway list
Request Method The method to access your SMS provider either via “GET” or “POST” protocol, refer to your SMS gateway provider.
Full URI The url of the SMS gateway to send SMS, refer to your SMS gateway provider . Additional variable can be insert by adding to the url  as url variable such as “account=var1&pass=var2”
Variable name for message The variable for message encapsulation, refer to your SMS gateway provider. The content of the message will be generated by Kiwire™ system
Variable for phone no The variable for phone no encapsulation, refer to your SMS provider.
Headers Custom header for request



Prefix module will let you to create a telephone prefix number for each country. Click “Add Prefix” to create a new prefix number for a country.

Field Function
Country The name of the country.
Prefix The telephone prefix number of the country.
Action Delete the prefix that added.

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