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PMS: Oracle Opera

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PMS : Oracle Micros

The PMS Oracle Micros connector is a dual channel connector for Oracle Opera Front office system. This enable you to let guest/user to login using their room number and password using information provided during check-in process via the PMS (Property management system) software and post charges to the guest folio. This module also let you automatically activate or deactivate the room account based on check-in and check-out information.

How Oracle PMS Micros Module Work

  1. User check-in to the hotel.
  2. Front desk will check-in the guest into Hotel PMS software.
  3. PMS software will send guest check-in information such as name, vipcode, status) to Kiwire™ Platform.
  4. Kiwire™ will perform policy & profile update to the room number account as well unlock the room number account.
  5. User when connect to network will be authorized to connect.

Manage PMS : Oracle Opera Module

To access the PMS oracle module click on Integrations > PMS: Oracle Opera from the navigation. The module configuration screen will be displayed. Fill in the required fields.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Micros System Host/IP The Hostname or ip address of the micros system to connect to.
Micros Port The port of Micros TCP for connector to connect to.
Guest Password Setting Refer to table below.
Predefine Password if Guest password setting is set to predefine , fill in the predefine password here.
Password Match Percentage Set the percentage of SMART password match engine, a higher value will require more words or
character to be matched. A lower value will allow a more relaxed password matching, this is useful if you set guest name as password, the guest can use any part of their names as password.
Zone Restriction Default zone restriction assigned to user who login; leave it to “none” if you do not wish to assign restriction to users.
Credential String Required if using remote agent.
Profile Rules
Rules for profile mapping in JSON format.
 e.g: {
        "a0": {
           "NOI": "No_Speed",
           "LSP": "Low_Speed",
           "MSP": "Medium_Speed",
           "HSP": "High_Speed"
"a0" can be replaced by "a0-a9" OR "guest_vip_code" if you want to use VIP code instead of "a0"

* NOTE : There are several limitations imposed on the sharer account.

  1. You cannot have different profiles for the same room.
  2. Check-out will be disabled for all guests (main account and sharer).
  3. Only one charge will be sent to the PMS module (*if any charges are applicable).
Enabled Enable or disable the module.
Status Running or Stopped.
Note: You can shutdown the interface by clicking on “Shutdown interface Button”, the “Database Swap Button ” is to initialize database swap / synchronization where it will pull latest information from Oracle Micros.

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