Kiwire™ 2.0


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Kiwire™ has a built in API (Application Protocol Interface) that let your application connect and manipulate system and retrieve data from your own developed application. For technical information on the Kiwire™ API specification, please refer to Kiwire™ API resource

Field Function
Enabled Enable or disable API access.
Authentication Key Shared secret key between your application and Kiwire™ when communicate, type in a shared key or use “Generate Key” button to generate one.

API Permission

The API permission tab enables you to configure the API permission given to the connecting application. Use “toggle” to enable the permission of the API interface to 3rd party.


API Permission Description
Add User Add user function
Update User Update user function
Delete User Delete user function
Add Admin Add administrator
Update Admin Update admin function
Delete Admin Delete administrator
Update NAS Update NAS function
Delete NAS Delete NAS
Add Device Add device function
Update Device Update device function
Delete Device Delete device function
Add Profile/Plan Add profile function
Update Profile/Plan  Update profile function
Delete Profile/Plan Delete profile function
User Information Retrieve users information
Login Record Retrieve users login records

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