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Build 9 Updates*

*This article has been updated to include Build 9 properties. Older versions might require an update if you cannot find certain functions written below.

Integration: External Database

The database module manages connection to external database for user verification. To access database module click on Integrations > Database from the navigation. The configuration screen will display. Fill in the relevant field with information then save it.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Enable Enable or disable database function.
Server IP / Domain The server IP Address.
Port Number The port number.
Username The username of the user.
Password The password of the user.
Database Name
(or SID for Oracle DB)
The name of the database.

* NOTE : Can enter SID for Oracle Database instead of entering the database name.

Query The query of SQL language.
Parameters (JSON) The variables.
Database Type The type of the database.

E.g : MySQL, Oracle DB

Link With Profile Integrate with the profile.
Zone Restriction Default zone restriction assigned to logged in user. Leave it to “None” if you do not wish to assign restriction to users.
Expiry The expiry number of days.

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