Kiwire™ 2.0


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Cloud Tenant Overview

The main cloud tenant screen provide an overview and listing of all the tenants in your system.

The listed fields and its meaning are:

Field Meaning & Function
Cloud id A unique cloud id for each tenant.
Tenant name The name of the tenant account.
Admin id The admin id of tenant.
Expiry date The expiry date and status of license for each tenant ( enabled based on request )
Action Edit or delete the account

Add New Cloud Tenant

Click on Add New Tenant and populate the required fields. The field and its function description is listed below:

Field Function
Cloud ID Cloud id is the identifier or domain of the tenant to be added to system.
Note : Cloud id must be unique to each tenant.
Tenant Name The tenant name.
Admin ID The administrator user id for the tenant.
Admin Password Password of the administrator user id.
Admin email address The email address of the administrator user id. It uses to send notification email.
License Key The license key for the cloud tenant (MSP edition only).
Permission The access granted to the super user
Read : read only access
Read + write : Full access

Edit or Delete Tenant

Click on edit or delete icon from the main cloud listing. If you clicked the edit icon, the edit screen be display which you can edit the setting of the clouds. If you rename the tenant cloud id , the operation for such task will take a few minutes to complete. As system is renaming the cloud id to new given Cloud id , while renaming the cloud tenant account is function will be stop momentary.

Click on the delete icon to delete the tenant. A prompt will be display to ask for your confirmation to proceed to delete the cloud id . Please exercise with cautions as this not a reversible action.


Masquerade Cloud ID

Note: Function only available to “superuser” admin login.

Kiwire™ Super user of the system have the capability to assume or masquerade the administrator role of the selected cloud tenant. To masquerade the administrator of the selected Cloud Id , from the navigation bar, click on Setting, a cloud selection navigation screen will appear. Select the cloud tenant id you wish to masquerade from the drop down list or search using the search box. Click on the tenant id, from then on all the configuration and setting loaded is for the selected Cloud tenant. This is useful if you wish to assist in reconfigure or access the tenant function or reporting.



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