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Kiwire™ 2.0 Chapter 13 : Help & Tools

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The Help & Tools modules are the useful tools to perform diagnostic and assistance for Kiwire™ onto your network.

Online Knowledge Base

The Online Knowledge Base provide a quick and easy way to access our Kiwire™ online knowledge base and latest software documentation. Click on “Access online KnowledgeBase now”, then it will launch a popup window to our documentation and knowledgebase sites. You can also access our Online KnowledgeBase via the web at 

Diagnostic Account

The Diagnostic Account let you perform user account diagnostic using the username and password to check if there is any login problem of the account. This feature is also accessible from user account or voucher account view.

Software Update

The Software Update module enables you to setup the software update function of Kiwire™. An active valid support subscription is required for this to function.

Method 1: Auto Update

To enable auto update onto your Kiwire™ platform, select “Enable Auto-Update” option to enable feature. The auto update will periodically check with our updates server and perform auto update when there is a new build or version release.

Method 2: On Demand Update
To perform on demand update, click on update database button followed by update software button. The status of update will show on the screen.

Field/Button Meaning & Function
Enable Auto-Update Enable Kiwire™ to perform self auto update daily wen there is new a new release or patch released.
Version The current version of Kiwire™ platform.
Build Number The build release of current Kiwire™ platform.
Last Update The date and time of the last update of the system.
Status The last update status.
Update URL The Update URL of Kiwire™ update server, please do not alter the URL unless given instructions by an official Kiwire™ representative.
Save Save the setting.
Run Update Now Perform software update manually. You are required to click “Update Database Schema” button when manual software update is completed.
Update Database Schema Perform database schema update.
Update Report Summary Perform update to all report summary.


The database modules let you manage database aspect of Kiwire™ platform.

Database > Diagnostic Database

The Diagnostic Database module provides you a tools to check and repair the Kiwire™ database. Use this tools to repair and optimize your database when you encounter database error.

Database  > Database Performance

The Database Performance module provides information and key statistic of the database performance.

Database > Database Disk Usage

The Database Disk Usage module will tell you how much disk usage is being used. This helps you understand the database growth of your system. 

Database > Database MRO

The Database MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operation) module let you perform the following functions:

  • Backup & download Kiwire™ database to your local computer
  • Restore Kiwire™ database from backup.
  • Purge all administrator & system activity logs
  • Purge all login transaction record
  • Purge all user device information record
  • Purge Portal Impression record.

Click on the respective button to use function.


The Services module provides you an overview of important services required by Kiwire™ system to operate optimally. Do ensure the following conditions are met:

  • Critical Services :  All Normal
  • Integration & API are either Normal or disabled. Any services that failed please click on the “restart icon” to try restart the services to bring services to normal.

If you have a failed services on critical, perform a system restart. If status after restart is still failed, please contact technical support immediately.

System Health

The System Health module gives you an overall health status of Kiwire™ platform. It shows the system health dashboards.

Tab Information
Server Load Measure of the server load.
Memory Used Memory used by the system.
User Disk Space Detail information of disk utilization by the system.
CPU Usage Real time graph showing the CPU utilization of the system.

License Usage

The License Usage module will report the current utilization of license within your Kiwire™ platform. Contact us to purchase additional licence when your license utilization is high.

Field Description
Customer Name The license registered name.
Status The license key status.
Expiry Date The expiry date of the license key.
Allowed No. of NAS How many NAS is the license valid for.
Current No. of NAS Current NAS set within system.
Percentage The utilization of the license key.

IP network calculator

The IP Network Calculator module lets you perform network IP address calculation based on the IP and subnet given. Eg: or

Ping Tools

The Ping tools module let you perform network ICMP ping to a host and see the response time.
Find MAC Address

Find Mac Address module lets you find the location and information related to a Mac address. It will provide insight of the login time, IP address location of the Mac device is being used in your network. Mac address are unique to a device.

Diagnostic Result: Brand & Associated Account

This provide information of the Brand of the Mac address device if its from known manufacture and username registered with the mac address using mac auto register

Diagnostic : Login history

Login history of the login username , IP address using the Mac address. The listed fields and its meaning are: 

Field Meaning
Login Date/Time The date and time of the user login into Kiwire™ platform.
Username The username of the user.
Mac Address The Mac address of the device.
NAS ID The id of the NAS equipment.
IP Address The IP address of the device.

System Quick Fix

The System Quick Fix module lets you to fix the simple system issues very quickly.

Issues / Problems
Unable to start service ( SMS / Email / PMS )
Unable to view user / voucher list
Reset default operator role
Terminate Ghost Session in Archive
Clear Cached
Cron update data
System / Database /PHP Timezone

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