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Kiwire™ 2.0 Change Logs

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Note: All added feature for the build is term beta till next update or release.

Kiwire™ 2.0 Build 10 [2019-01-02]

[New Features]

  • Email registration required to insert valid domain (domain with MX record) and not in temporary mail list.
  • Captcha and Link (URL) in campaign page.
  • NPS using Facebook review (work in progress).
  • Added welcome snippets functionality that can be displayed for returning users.
  • Added login support using Zalo social network.
  • Bypass device from captive portal (Mikrotik only)
  • Dwell time reporting based on profile.
  • Limited access superuser admin.
  • Added user customization to enable self-design of verification message page.
  • Added “Project to group zones” category in reporting section.

[Bug Fixes / Improvements]

  • Updated Query Cache for static data to improve overall performance.
  • Large table will be splitted by quarterly to maintain database performance for long run
  • Reporting database can be in remote server (for HA)
  • Web push notification (only work for (browser Chrome or Firefox) and (OS Window or Android))
  • Campaign view limited by click or impression
  • Change UI color for dashboard
  • Clear cached button moved to System Quick Fix
  • Zone in login record reporting
  • License page using wrong table
  • Bandwidth usage max at 50 Mbps
  • Cron queue to group locks based on flow / priority to reduce long queue
  • API key to use UUID format
  • Radius filter mac address using Linux command instead of PHP
  • Better HTTPS supports

Kiwire™ 2.0 Build 9 [2018-9-24]

[New] Full Change Log

Kiwire™ 2.0 Build 8 [2017-11-13]


  • Page Maker, New Login snippet. User signup using device MAC address
  • Performance enhancement by utilising 100% memcached server to speed up system
  • Report, bandwitdh VS number of users report to provide information on number of users and bandwidth utilized during the time period.
  • New device support for Nomadix and Meraki devices
  • Zapier integration
  • 802.1x using PEAP / EAP-TLS / EAP-TTLS

[Beta Feature]

  • Ability for QR login directly from user device , usefull for IOS11 devices
  • New Payment gateway added (Payfast / Paypal / Wirecard / Senangpay)
  • Now available Users own control panel ( cpanel) with statistics information
  • Login (on behalf) registered user / device
  • Platform architecture now support Multiple superuser and read only option
  • Template designer for email, sms, voucher and user status page
  • toos : System Quick Fix to quickly tackle simple issue
  • New Zone Bandwidth control management
  • Smart Campaign engine (targeting) based on user demographic information
  • Statistics email to user
  • Promote mobile app banner

[Bug Fixes]

Changes from previous version

  • API now changed to API2 (now with permission)
  • CRON (scheduler) management
  • Option to login or redirect user after successful registration
  • Using CentOS 7 as the based operating system
  • Radius server upgraded to version 3.0.x from 2.2.x
  • MySQL changed to MariaDB
  • Fully migrated to InnoDB from MyISAM
  • PHP upgraded to version 5.6 from 5.3
  • Javascript in landing page
  • Using Device Detector framework to get user device information more accurately
  • Include user device information and zone in login record and who is online report
  • Campaign video auto-play (in muted)

Kiwire™ 2.0 Build 7 [2017-09-20]


  • Cache Cloud List : Improvement of Cloud ID tenant listing performance.
  • Cache Zone Attributed : Improvement of zone attribute performance.
  • Configuration > Overall : Added campaign tab for campaign behaviour configuration.
  • Integration > LDAP : Added Group to Kiwire™ profile mapping, so each group from LDAP authentication can have its own unique profile.
  • Login Engine > Public Sign up : Added MAC signup function, user can now sign up as public user using their device MAC address option.
  • Login Engine > Page Maker : Added remove background button.
  • Login Engine > Page maker : 30 mins free snippet, for free 30 minutes access, useful for providing trial access to users in public venue.
  • Report > Account Creation : Added new report on account creation.
  • Report > Coupon Impression Report : Ability to view coupon redemption rate over period of time for the the coupon.
  • Report > Overall : Upload and download statistic, direction based on users perspective.
  • User Journey > Status Page : An unique status page that display user’s account usage and profile summary.
  • User Journey > Auto Login : Auto-login on behalf for user and their BYOD devices (Currently only supports Mikrotik & Wifidog NAS)
  • API : Added API key check function for each cloud tenant.

[Bug Fixes & Updates]

  • Reworded “prepaid” to “voucher” in create prepaid page.
  • Removed duplication possibility in voucher creation.
  • API : Interface & permission.
  • Platform : Destroy existing session if new session started.
  • NAS > Wifidog redirect to main login page if there is error detected
  • NAS > Wifidog roaming issue.
  • Report > URL Tracking : Use localtime zone.
  • Report > Dwell Report : Improved accuracy.
  • User CPanel : Load the correct logo for cloud tenant.
  • User CPanel : Use localtime when display date in display.
  • NAS > Wifidog Roaming : Block users from seamless login if being disconnected by admin action user account view.
  • Account > Voucher : View only latest 20 data entries.
  • Account > Profile : Hidden wx_temp profile which is used by wechat.
  • Coupon display using currency set by cloud ID.
  • Tools > Account diagnostic does not update MAC address.
  • User > Pre-login Campaign > Video auto-play (except IOS).
  • Configuration > SMTP Authentication when set to none does not work.
  • NAS Healthcheck send email alert to everyone.
  • Sign up using same field for public & visitor.
  • Report > Bandwidth user up to two decimal point.
  • Error message if Cloud ID contains whitespace during creation.
  • Prelogin default to login page if no journey is assigned.
  • Integration > Radius login using realm.
  • License : Trial period changed to 14 days usage with 60 days temporary data storage.
  • License : System still operates when support date expired.
  • Use http_host for email and guest signup for cross NAT compatibility.
  • Mikrotik sync database with multi tenant option.
  • Login Engine > Journey : Width available page.
  • User Signup > Invalid characters during sign up is now filtered.
  • Redirect users for Wifidog if user is not login.

Kiwire™ 2.0 Build 5 [2017-07-25]


  • Admin > Forgot Password , Error – Bug#292.
  • Configuration > Admin Role > role not working – Bug#353.
  • Account > Voucher, deleted voucher unable to delete – Bug#328
  • Account > Voucher, View Missing date – Bug#329.
  • Integration > IDB PMS, Remove Cloud ID.
  • Integration > Radius, fix realm format for remote radius.
  • Integration > SMS , not on public sign up.
  • Integration > LDAP & Radius, enable at same time.
  • Integration > LDAP & Microsoft Active directory mapping issue.
  • Campaign > Ads, Text message ads does not appear – Bug#344
  • Campaign > Campaign, Milestone trigger does not work – Bug#277
  • Device NAS > Ruckus SCG integration.
  • Device NAS > wrong wording.
  • Device NAS > Fortigate NAS ID injection.
  • Device > Zone, Linkage with user account unable to cancel – Bug#245.
  • Login engine > Page Maker > Public signup , no 5 minute grace period – Bug#216.
  • Login engine > Page Maker > Email sign up, user can overuse the 5 minute grace period – Bug#348.
  • Report > Insight > Visitor Registration missing data display – Bug#350.
  • Report > Campaign report, Graph unable to render – Bug#349.
  • Report > Login record , download record CSV file missing column and incorrect time format – Bug#339.
  • Report > Login Frequency, value mismatch – Bug#327.
  • Report > SMS Log, Local time for report.
  • Report > Bandwidth, Warning text – Bug#290.
  • User > Login page responsive engine – Bug#342.
  • User > Login/Logout, for Ruckus NAS.
  • User > WeChat Authentication – Bug#360.
  • User > Postlogin, failed to recognize zone.
  • User > Allowed Zone.
  • User > Control Panel, updated to cloud/tenant timezone.
  • Ruijie Wifidog roaming account termination cause message – Bug#343.

[Added or Updated]

  • Web Admin, Added Customer name display on navigation header.
  • Campaign > Email Designer/Maker for schedule of email send out in WSIWYG design.
  • Integration > Payment Gateway, Payfast Engine
  • Integration > PMS JSON API, for web only PMS engine
  • Integration > SMS, added country code for SMS
  • Device NAS > Added Aruba Wi-Fi as supported NAS by Kiwire™
  • Device NAS > Added Cambium Wi-Fi as supported NAS by Kiwire™
  • Device NAS > Added Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi as supported NAS by Kiwire™
  • Device NAS > Bulk import NAS.
  • Login Engine > Page Maker, Added different device type background image, if only one background is uploaded, system will use default background.
  • Finance > Print Slip > A4, added dual voucher per row printout for A4 page.
  • User > Sponsored Login via QR, Guest who connect to Wi-Fi that require sponsor confirmation now have option to be authorized by staff member scan on the QR code display on guest device screen instead of usual email verification.
  • User > Trial account set to 14 days.
  • User > Login Mikrotik enhancement.
  • Report > Dwell time, enhanced scheduler for faster report generation.
  • Report > Graph, New coloring format.
  • Report > Scheduler, for faster report generation.


  • License Engine does not require expiry date, only support term uses expiry date.
  • Remove unwanted schedule script.

Kiwire™ 2.0 build 4 [2017-05-28]


  • rewrite of Reports module (login ~ Logs).
  • fixed reports module to use timezone define by setting.
  • fixed survey engine to use timezone define by setting.
  • integration cloud email provider Madmimi and mailchimp using cloud ID.
  • fix integration Pms oracle opera heartbeat issue causing disconnect every 30 minutes.
  • Santize username when user signup prevent white space.
  • fix dashboard display with timezone.
  • fix help > database > MRO , campaign purge error.
  • fix Ruijie wifidog incoming and outgoing counter.
  • fix forget administrator password failure.
  • fix voucher creation as per Kiwire™ 1.6 method.
  • fix auto suspension of user expiry using local time.
  • fix spelling mistake in reporting “bandwidth”.
  • fix user control panel transaction report by username.
  • fix height display box for error notification on administrator navigation.
  • fix module id in lbs reports.
  • fix module profile advance error.


  • Added column for account summary report.
  • Error message when users login without profile associated.
  • Error message for page maker when slider is not able to save.
  • implement cache for reporting engine via scheduling.
  • Added support for Fortigate security gateway as NAS.
  • Ruijie wifidog counter support for counter(s) as per new firmware requirement.
  • Add NAS via batch.
  • seamless login for Ruijie wifidog access point.
  • support for administrator to login using email.
  • added zone column in reporting.
  • voucher creation need compulsory information.
  • campaign engine support of minutes instead of just hour.
  • if nas device is down more than 30 minutes disconnect all user session.
  • added download transaction to csv file in report transaction.
  • added email synchronisation is 30 minutes cloud email provider.
  • added audit trail log for administrator.
  • added zone login snippet.
  • added log for API request.


  • voucher view as per version 1.6 view
  • added close to database connection engine for stability and performance
  • latest ajax reporting for integration SMS, radius log, visitor self-registration, coupon view, email transaction and SMS transaction
  • enhanced EULA screen


  • insight tab in account view until further notice.

Kiwire™ 2.0 build 3 [2017-04-28]


  • Admin login with special character.
  • Admin : forget password.
  • PMS, password percentage.
  • NAS : Xirrus on public IP.
  • Cloud management : fix warning when add user.
  • Integration -> PMS : oracle fidelio fixed last name.
  • Integration -> Ldap , authentication failure on rare case.
  • login engine -> page maker guest sign up.
  • Report -> Bandwidth -> top user , Missing username on listing.
  • Report -> Bandwidth , Data missing when apply zone.
  • Report -> login -> Dwell time : fix graph problem.
  • Report -> Login -> Return user, fix error on report.
  • Tools : diagnostic account , bug on user with multiple output.
  • Tools : log purge fail on certain condition.
  • Wechat : Change of authority (COA ) not using UTC time.
  • Campaign : wrong display of ads during time interval.
  • Login Engine : Terms & condition always display.
  • account->user view, Last 10 activity to user local time.


  • Dynamic Menu : operator account will only see menu assign to their role.
  • Campaign : Mobile apps promote or push install.
  • Allow administrator username using email address.
  • Declare multiple {{Page}} tag within a page.
  • NAS : Aruba IAP series.
  • High Availability : Public & Private key for synchronisation of files.
  • Report -> Date format for chart.
  • Tools-> Software update : manual update button.
  • Kiwire™ Software : EULA when administrator login the first time.
  • High availability : Logs.
  • Email verification during login and save.
  • Campaign can now trigger external server using GET request.
  • Pop-up error message due to device down.
  • Zone auto-login snippet.
  • Social login using SSL connection.
  • Email using HTML format instead of text.
  • Generate public key and bind the slave key for HA connection.
  • Database backup moved to non-root folder and using random string for security.


  • Campaign: Random advertisement if there is no sort order.
  • Campaign Ads: full screen display for IAB standard image format.
  • Login page sign up, checking of space when user select username, which cause radius to fail.
  • Kiwire™ API Updated to include new feature.
  • Default : language english if no language selected.
  • NMS: Agent, ping if only valid IP is saved.
  • Changed of Microsoft Login method to use Microsoft Graph instead of OAuth.


  • Report -> real time log, due to nature of multi tenant, real time logs deem security risk.

Kiwire™ 2.0 build 2 [2017-03-15]


  • Dashboard : timezone of date displayed.
  • Integration -> Radius : wrong text for validity.
  • Integration -> SMS: Twillio error handling.
  • Device -> monitoring: bypass check for device if IP address is missing.
  • Device -> Monitoring: zone listing lessen rules.
  • Device -> monitoring -> Agent Ruijie Wi-Fi monitoring.
  • Login Engine->T&C: fix always on function.
  • Login Engine->Page maker -> coupon: path error for image display.
  • Login Engine->Page Maker: load external image from remote site fixed.
  • Login Engine->Page Maker: scan local filename instead global for saving.
  • Login Engine->Guest Login: fix path for login.
  • Report -> Survey report: data display.
  • Report engine: Kiwire™ syslog.
  • Report -> Campaign: click thru was wrongly worded.
  • Report -> Login concurrency partition reporting.
  • Report -> Device availability.
  • Report -> Graph date accuracy.
  • Tools -> Database MRO : fixed download backup.
  • Tools -> service healthcheck for SMS & Email services.
  • Login -> redirection using for duplicate username.
  • Login -> Check for MSAD/LDAP during inactive user check function.


  • More debug log option for user captive portal flow.
  • Account -> User: list suspended account as well.
  • Seamless roaming for Ruijie wifidog Wi-Fi access point.
  • High availability : bi direct synchronization between 2 Kiwire™.
  • Integration -> Microsoft/Office 365 : authentication of user with Microsoft live/Azure/Office 365 services with restriction on allowed domain.
  • Integration -> Microsoft Active directory , added support for Active directory user groups to local Kiwire™ profile mapping functionality.
  • Device -> NAS : FortiAP (Fortigate Wireless) & Controller as NAS.
  • Account -> Profile : check min speed cannot be higher than max speed restriction.
  • Logs : added detail log for zone detection engine to kiwire_userlog.log
  • Logs : updated email services for error tracking
  • Alarm notification on Primary page


  • Mac security : support upper or lower case mac address format.
  • integration -> social network : Added default drop down box in event of no profile available.
  • Device ->NAS Ruijie wifi : support Free profile.
  • Login engine -> Media add support display mp4, pdf, png, jpg, gif and ogg.
  • Login engine->Survet : ability to use ip or domain if host does not have valid FQDN.
  • Login Engine->Page maker : renamed snippet from snippet 1.. to the function of the snippet when mouse over.
  • Campaign -> ADS , support full screen image display for Image media ads on mobile device.
  • Report -> Who is online , disconnect function for Ruijie Wi-Fi.
  • Report -> Bandwidth reporting , extend from GB to MB.
  • Report -> survey : display no data if there is no data available.
  • Detect signup if user use blank username and prompt error.
  • Radius : Fallback , in event of Authorization request packet does not contain NAS-ID, system will use called-station-id as NAS-ID.
  • Social Network : WeChat , for ruijie wifi , user will use default assign profile and granted 5 minutes to complete authentication with WeChat server. For non Ruijie Wi-Fi, user will be granted 5 minutes with temporary profile which have restriction and upon validation change to assigned profile on the fly.
  • Command line apps are set to use UTC timezone.
  • Bypass survey if already answer before.
  • PDO -> MYSQL : added Ping functionality.
  • Agent : ruijie wifi added health capture from Wi-Fi ping.


Kiwire™ 2.0 build 1 [2017-02-27]


  • Finance: date display format is not correct.
  • Radius: sql core error on certain profile.
  • Integration -> LBS : test function.
  • Device -> monitoring MAP : missing google map API key.
  • Device -> Zone : update and delete button unresponsive.
  • Device -> Zone : fix change tenant.
  • Login Engine -> Journey : screen adaptation on smaller screen size.
  • Login Engine -> Journey : post login unable to change default destination.
  • Login Engine -> Media : fail of upload media via drag and drop.
  • Campaign -> Ads : upload video.
  • Account -> Profile : not properly seelct.
  • User : campaign continue button not responsive on certain device.
  • LBS : test function not responsive.
  • Report : graph charset for language.
  • Report : missing username text on username search option.
  • Report : Graph on safari browser not rendered.
  • Report : timezone.
  • DHCP : spelling mistake for DHCP.
  • License engine that display error on rare occurrence.
  • Account -> Profile : wrong display for “Pay As You Use” profile.
  • Installer : corrected path to local path.
  • Login -> Video at prelogin.
  • Multi tenant -> role created wrongly when add new tenant.


  • Account -> Profile : added WISPR specification for QOS services . support minimum upload and download bandwidth for supported access controller.
  • Device -> NAS : support Xirrus access controller and Wi-Fi access point captive portal.
  • Account -> Auto reset : added 30 minutes and hourly options.
  • Integration -> Social network : VK+ and Microsoft Live.
  • OTP : Based on password security level , if set high OTP password will be alphanumeric if low it be numeric only.
  • Configuration : Auto update function, Kiwire™ will now support auto update to latest edition.
  • Campaign -> Ads : only allow media mp4,jpg & ogg for file uploaded.
  • Control panel for users accessible by /cpanel.
  • New API engine for 3rd party integration.
  • Policy : Cookies Auto-login , auto login user using cookies during login process , return user will not required to key in login.
  • Credential for prevention of captive portal fatique.
  • Report-> Campaign -> Survey.


  • New Changelog format for change log.
  • Updated graph engine with more dynamic colour and focus on graph while print friendly.
  • Social network login : new login flow screen design to be more lively and graphical.
  • Login Engine-> Page Maker : change survey option selection to dropdown list for easy to manage.
  • Mobile & browser brand & type detection engine signature updated.
  • Software update module : support auto update function.
  • Licensing: update license engine only master account require license.
  • Rename: Omaya module to LBS.
  • Account -> Auto reset : added hourly and 30 minutes option to system.
  • Login engine -> Page maker : update preview custom page.


  • Remove example text “synchrowebtech” in integration->social network to be generic example.

Kiwire™ 2.0

  • Platform : expanded industry type category into organisation setup as per 802.11u base for WBA WRIX-L (wireless roaming intermediary exchange for location).
  • Platform : change cloud tenant password display masked.
  • Platform : added memcached engine to user custom generated page for optimised and fast rendering.
  • Device monitoring : added wifi access api , display total received and send by Wi-Fi access point & load.
  • Zone monitoring , monitoring based on zone beside by NAS/device.
  • Dashboard : bugfix on 24 hour activity.
  • integration : Radius, rewrite : support local profile override as well as proxy carry forward profile. Added keyword or tag check from radius response for profile grouping check. refer to documentation for more info.
  • Zone restriction function : added to integration (radius , active directory, LDAP, social network, sms , pms).
  • Bulk user manager , added phone no on export.
  • Page maker : added email verification sign up snippet, user can signup and given 5 minute access to verified the email to complete the sign up process.
  • Page maker : added forget password (based on user profile , sms or email option).
  • Page maker : radius login snippet.
  • Page maker : sponsored login via email snippet.
  • Page maker : public sign up snippet.
  • Page maker : sms signup snippet.
  • Page maker : various button snippet.
  • Page maker : coupon snippet.
  • Page maker : survey snippet.
  • Page maker : added box picture snippet.
  • Page maker : buy plan snippet.
  • bugfix : Reports & analytics engine for date format.
  • bugfix : SMS API.
  • bugfix : applied default tenant id to PMS socket api for backward compatibility.
  • bugfix : oem logo placement.
  • bugfix : wrong notification on exceed volume quota.
  • DB API : added db is alive ping.
  • wifidog API : optimised volume detection.
  • platform : remove link to google fonts.
  • Account diagnostic , change engine from radtest to radius client.
  • CLI tools : added support incident log collector to /tmp.
  • Removed : feature license key , for now Kiwire™ will have only onsite / hosted , multi or single tenant editions.
  • Campaign & Ads manager , simplified verification and approval , if single admin , its auto approved by default if more than 1 admin for the cloud id , approval process is required, default edit/add campaign & ads will be disabled till approved.
  • Reports & analytics : added coupon redemption report.
  • Reports & analytics : login history support same day and archive reporting.
  • accounts : updated integration profile to have SMS, radius, email beside PMS, MSAD and internal.

Kiwire™ 2.0 Beta

  • Multi-lingual support & internationalisation, internal timezone set to UTC and support of DST timezone.
  • bug fix : wifidog API.
  • Dynamic Zone, now zone can be define by client IP, NAS ID, VLAN and SSID.
  • User journey engines.
  • Additional snippet for page maker (SMS).
  • Omaya™ integration via API.
  • report & analytics : omaya LBS reporting.
  • Platform : high or low password security level when dealing with passwords.
  • Cross platform attack protection XCSS.

Kiwire™ 2.0 Alpha

  • Rewrite of core engine.
  • Support true multi-tenant, each tenant have own partition of data.
  • New theme based on google material design.
  • Simplification of admin interface.
  • Login & Page maker, drag and drop interface.
  • Renamed EDX to integration.
  • Renamed user’s plan to profile.
  • Integration : SMS have built generic SMS gateway API connector builder.
  • Bug fix : QR login for voucher.

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