Kiwire™ 1.6

Kiwire™ 1.6 Chapter 3 : Device

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The Device tab is use for configure, manage and provision NAS ( network access system ) ,Devices and equipment that is connected to Kiwire™. NAS are edge network equipment that will connect user to network and utilize Kiwire™ as management and radius server.

3.1 NAS

Kiwire™ is a management software thus it require a NAS equipment that support radius protocol to work, the NAS module let you manage your NAS equipment.

*note : the number of allowed NAS to connect with Kiwire™ is depending on your license key given and purhchased

Field Function
Nas ID A unique name to identify the NAS equipment.
IP Address Ip address of the NAS devices
*Note its important to put in the correct
IP Address of the NAS as it use it as part of authentication. Kiwire™ will reject unknown ip NAS device ip address
Device Type Select the relevant NAS device type , if unsure please select the default “mikrotik” as device type
Login Page Template Select the Template / Login Page , that the NAS device will load as default login page via captive portal
Shared Secret Key The Secret password that the NAS will use to communicate with Kiwire™.
Nas Username The administrator username that is use to manage and monitor the NAS
NAS password The password for the administrator username used.
Address The postal address of the NAS equipment is located, this is use for
Map monitoring function as well
Description The Description of the NAS equipment


3.2 Device

The device module let you add and manage equipment

Field Function
Device Type Select the relevant device type for your eqiupment
Name A unique name of the equipment, e.g. if the equipment is a wifi access point in 3rd floor , left wing , you may want to call it L3LW .
IP address The Ip address of the equipment
Mac address The Mac address of the equipment
GPS Latitude The GPS lat coordinate of the equipment, this is useful for monitoring , RTLS and if it is an outdoor equipment.
GPS Longitude The GPS Lon coordinate of the equipment.
Level The level the equipment if installed within an indoor environment.
Monitoring method Select ping , if use simple ICMP ping monitoring or via SNMP protocol for health check and status monitoring
Address The postal address of the equipment.
Device username The username use to access the equipment remotely
Device password The password used by the username to access the equipment
Description The Description of the NAS equipment
Enabled Enabled or disable the monitoring function of this device

3.3 Monitoring

The monitoring function will display all the equipment health status and its last reported time. click on the button to view the historic health information of the device and

button to view the location of the device.

3.4 Fault NAS

The Fault module will display only faulted device information and it last reported time

click on the
button to view the historic health information of the device and

button to view the location of the device.

3.5 Map View

The MAP view will show the an overlay of equipment on a map and with its relevant status display.

3.6 Provision

The provision module let you provision Mikrotik NAS.

Click on the Wand icon to access the auto provision function.

Click on page icon to generate HTML login.html file to be place into the Mikrotik Hotspot folder

Click on the cog icon to generate the schedule script for Mikrotik schedule

3.6.1 Auto Provision

The Auto provision function , let you automatically setup the Mikrotik NAS . Please ensure the NAS ip is correct and connected to Kiwire™ before run the auto provision function.

3.6.2 Generate login.html

The generate login.html function, generate a login.html page that will be need to place into mikrotik hotspot folder. The page is require to redirect the captive portal to Kiwire™ captive portal .

The step are

  1. Copy and paste the html code your text editor
  2. Save it as login.html to your Desktop
  3. Drag and drop this login.html to your “hotspot” directory in the Winbox program

3.6.3 Schedule script

The Schedule function generate the required schedule script for Mikrotik to function,

  1. Login to winbox
  2. Go to System > Scheduler and add a new task by pressing the plus sign.
  3. Under the field Name type “firewall”
  4. set the Interval to 01:00:00

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