Kiwire™ 1.6

Kiwire™ 1.6 Chapter 10 : Help & Tool

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The Help & Tool Tab report tab provide your useful tools for diagnostic and assistance to your network and system via Kiwire™.

10.1 Help: Online KnowledgeBase

The Online Knowledgebase module provide a quick and easy way to access our Kiwire™ online Knowledge base and up to date Documentation.

10.2 Help : Software Update

The Software update module let you perform Software update into the Kiwire™ system

Please follow the following Step to update the software:

  1. Click on Step 1 “Download and Update database schema ” this will synchronize your Kiwire™ Database with the latest Kiwire™ database schema from our update server
  2. Click on Step 2 ” Download and Update Kiwire™ update” this will perform software update to the Kiwire™ system, during the upgrade process all user who try to connect to the Kiwire™ system will not be able to do so. thus it recommended to run this process during non peak duration of your network , you can use report : Login frequency to find your non peak hour duration.
  3. Click on Step 3 ” Update Kiwire™ database data” will update the Kiwire™ new module feature with access control and relevant initial configuration.
Note: Please ensure your Kiwire™ is set to use our correct update server URL at the Kiwire™ License module screen.

10.3 Help: Diagnostic User Account

The Diagnostic user account let you perform account diagnostic using the user’s username and password to check if there is any problem of the account.

10.4 Help: Diagnostic Active Directory

The Diagnostic active directory module is use to perform verification of your Kiwire™ EDX:Microsoft active directory setting, A success is return if your configuration is valid and Kiwire™ is able to connect your Microsoft active directory specify.

10.5 Help: Diagnostic Database

The Diagnostic database module, provide you a tools to check and repair the Kiwire™ database engine,use this tools to repair and optimize your database when you have database error or fault.

10.6 Help: Database performance

This module provide statistic of key database performance variable

10.7 Help: Service Status

The service status provide you an overview of important services required by Kiwire™ system to operate optimally.

10.8 Help : System Health

The system health module give you a overall health status.

Tab Information
Health Report The current snapshot of system usage of system load , ram utilized and free disk space
CPU Usage Real time graph showing the CPU utilization of the system.
Disk Usage Detail information of disk utilization by system.

10.9 Help: SMTP Test

The SMTP test module , let you test your SMTP setting under the general configuration, type in the email address of an email recipient to test if your SMTP setting is correct.

10.10 Help: IP Ping

The IP Ping module function as an network diagnostic tool that let you perform ping operation from Kiwire™ system to an IP or host specify.

10.11 Help: IP Network Calculator

The IP network calculator module let you calculate IP subnet, prefix, network and broadcast of IPv4 or IPV6 address.

10.12 Help: Find Mac Address

Find Mac address module let you find a location and information related to a mac address.It will provide insight of the login time , ip address location of the Mac device is being used in your network. Mac address are unique to a device.

Tab Information
Diagnostic Result: Brand and associated account This provide information of the Brand of the Mac address device if its from known manufacture and username registered with the mac address using mac auto register
Diagnostic : Login history Login history of the login username , ip address using the mac address

10.13 Database MRO

The Database MRO (maintainance / repair / operation) module let you perform

  • Backup of Kiwire™ database to your local computer
  • Restore Kiwire™ database from backup.
  • Purge all Administrator & system activity logs
  • Purge all login transaction record
  • Purge all user device information record
  • Purge Portal Impression record.

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